Look of the day. A tip a day from Baia30Remi.

Tips for your look of the day for the month of December

The month of December is coming and Baia30Remi wants to recommend its Look of the Day throughout the month.

The idea was born, not only to enhance the Neapolitan brand's first autumn-winter collection, but also to promote Made in Italy in this new winter.

A collection inspired by the winter resorts of the boot

Baia30Remi presents this year a collection of men's clothing in cashmere, mixed with wool and silk inspired by the most popular winter resorts in Italy.

Among these the Bormio model in braids and buttons, with a gray collar, 70% wool, 30% cashmere and medium fit.

Modello Bormio - Look of the day

Enveloping but with great style.

In Bormio, Baia30Remi chooses to combine a classic: his Vesuvius shirt, 100% cotton, spread collar, regular fit.

Camicia Look of the day Baia3oRemi

Not only shirts and knitwear, but also masks

So why not combine a mask with a shirt and knitwear?

Baia 30 Remi proposes this year masks tailored, hypoallergenic and washable to protect yourself without giving up style.

Among the many models made by Baia30Remi, the foulard model is recommended for this outfit. 

look of the day mascherina

 The foulard model was created taking inspiration fromaccessory protagonist of this year's catwalks. The foulard is back in trend, and then the Neapolitan band makes a mask of it.

Elegance and prevention in a single garment.


This is just an example of the looks of the day that Baia30Remi wants to recommend for this winter on social media.


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