Cashmere knitwear by Baia30Remi

Cashmere Made in Naples

From the Neapolitan tailoring of Baia30Remi we are pleased to present our first collection of Cashmere knitwear.

A collection that combines the refinement of cashmere with the modernity of style.


To the touch, Baia30Remi's articles in cashmere they are soft, silky and velvety. Worn they are enveloping and soft. They enhance the wearer's lines with discretion and harmony.

For Black Friday, the Neapolitan tailoring has well thought of launching this new production at a really attractive price.

 Until December 2nd, it is possible to buy Cashmere items but also shirts, masks, t-shirts, beachwear, with one 25% discount.

Cashmere Baia30Remi Made in Italy

I want you to appreciate the style and craftsmanship.

Says Massimiliano Cappa, owner of the company, and great admirer of Made In Italy.

Tendentially the price is better compared to that of other productions, since for this launch, Baia30Remi has chosen not to rely on intermediaries. But rather to be the only retailer of these highly prestigious garments.

The choice of model names is also singular. Among these: Adamello, Bormio and Valtellina.

We were inspired by the most enchanting and fascinating winter resorts of our peninsula. 

Not only knitwear, but also shirts for the autumn - winter collection.
100% cotton, regular fit and wide choice: classic models (striped or solid color), but also casual models with a jeans effect.

All that remains is to take advantage of it to closely evaluate what we are talking about.

Discover the cashmere, wool and silk collection.